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TeleComp R&D was founded as TeleComp, Inc., a New Jersey Corporation, in 1983 by former Bell Labs engineers. TeleComp R&D relocated its company from New Jersey to Florida during 2002. At that time, TeleComp, Inc. was reorganized as a Florida Corporation and renamed TeleComp Research & Development Corp.

TeleComp R&D provides effective seamless solutions to communications and protocol mediation problems. TeleComp R&D Specializes in Telecommunications, Power Systems, Transportation, and Aerospace industries protocol mediation. All of the Products listed on this site were designed and brought to realization by TeleComp R&D. The various software and hardware products developed by TeleComp R&D are deployed worldwide. Many are manufactured by other entities and sold via Resellers. TeleComp R&D does manufacture some of the Products directly. TeleComp R&D supports all what it designs regardless of the manufacturer. See the Support page for software, hardware, and solution updates.

TeleComp R&D has provided product realization to outstanding companies in their fields including Lucent Technologies, AT&T Labs, Telcordia, Bar Ray Nuclear Systems, Tollgrade Communications, Ventraq, Telegence, and many others.

Since 1998, TeleComp R&D has been the vanguard of the Lucent Datakit/BNS to TCP/IP migration in nearly all the regional telephone companies. TeleComp R&D offers strategies and products to minimize the administrative overhead and optimize the reliability of the network. Most importantly, the strategies and products offered by TeleComp R&D allow the migration to be completely seamless to their users.

TeleComp R&D has provided optimal solutions from wired and wireless telemetry, to the most complex of protocol mediations. There is nothing too simple nor too complex for TeleComp R&D.

TeleComp R&D offers a seamless solution for your problem. Contact TeleComp R&D today.


Contact us by email info@trdcusa.com or phone 386-754-5700 to arrange a technical conference.
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